Disabled Localize components still active

6 months 2 weeks ago - 6 months 2 weeks ago #3632 by GuruGurra
Maybe this is by design, but I got very confused by it so I mention it here if somebody else gets the same problem.

If you add an "I2 Localize" component to e.g. a Text object, that localization will still be performed even if the Localize component is disabled.

I had added Localize components to a lot of objects in my project but realized that I needed to control some of the localizations from code. So I disabled the Localization components on those objects, added script code to perform the localization instead...and still got the localization performed by the (now disabled) components.

Very confusing and not what I expected, and it took quite some time before I realized that the disabled localization components were still active... :ohmy:

I had to completely remove the Localization components from the objects in order for my scripted translations to be visible.
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