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11 months 4 weeks ago - 11 months 4 weeks ago #3558 by robal1991
Hi, im using I2 loc 2.7.0. I have a problem with google syncronization on start. After hours of debugging I came to the conclusion that somehow the Coroutine "Import Google" is destroyed... although the gameobject is DontDestroyOnLoad. I have some scenes loading on start, maybe this is the problem. I have a starting scene loading main game managers, then I have loading screen with some game AR warnings, then I finally have Main Menu scene.
I read the release notes but I didnt find anything that could potentially fix my problem. And I dont want to update because I don't have much time now to debug problems that would eventually came up after update.

Do you have any ideas what am I doing wrong? I have the prefab set to "Always" update from spreadsheet and I tried many delays... 0, 10, 30, 100... Nothing worked for me. I have the same problem on Windows, Android and iOS.

Thanks for help

EDIT: the solution that is working for me is that I added in Awake when Main Menu scene is loaded Import_Google().
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