Line Spacing is changed when text is localised

11 months 2 weeks ago - 11 months 2 weeks ago #3282 by crowbarska

I'm having an issue with I2 Localization. When text gets localised the Line Spacing on the Text component gets changed, so all my text is bunched up and looks messy.

The weirdest part is that it only occurs in builds (confirmed on Windows Standalone and Android).

Here's the issue (text has localisation applied):

And here's how it should look (with no I2Localize component):

The font I'm using is MatchupPro:
Size is set to 0 (default, low-res pixel art font) and line spacing is set to 0.666 before I hit play/build.
Unity version is 2017.4.14f1.

Can anyone help?

EDIT: I've just noticed (having posted it here, haha) that it's not even using the same font. I've verified that my Font term points to the same font. Why would it not be working in a build?
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