Compile only current language assets

11 months 3 weeks ago #3271 by DiovanMarques
Is there a way I can compile the project with only the current language related assets, ignoring the other ones?
I have a mobile project and its language-specific assets (mainly the audio clips) make the .apk very heavy when compiled. I'd like to compile only the current set language assets, is there a way this can be done in the plugin? (So I can basically compile language-specific .apks)

I couldn't find a way, so I thought about using language-specific spreadsheets and importing the current language one before compiling, this way the other languages assets wouldn't be referenced and therefore not compiled, but the spreadsheets don't maintain the audio clips references on the terms and I would need to set them again. (Basically not using the in-game dynamic language set functionality and using the plugin only to organize the localization in the editor)


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