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This object is the one who points to which awarded element once the wheel stops.

Selectors can be setup to stay pinned in the outside or at the center of the wheel. Also, it can be set to point to the left, right, top or bottom.

The selector is fully configurable, and can have any width/length and pivot. It has to be setup as it comes in the prefab (As if it is on the top pointing down). At runtime, it will be moved to the correct location based on the option selected.

Furthermore, the selector can be set to be static at the set direction while the wheel rotates or to rotate while the wheel remains static.


Reference to the Selector Object. This is the object that points to the reward you will get and that also flaps as it collides with the wheel's knots.


Where the selector is going to be attached (top, right, bottom, left)

Anchor To Center

True = selector it's on the center.   False will place it on the outside.

When in the center, the selector will not collide with the knots.

Elastic Duration

Knots collide with the selector and rotate them. This variable represents how long it takes for the selector to return to the initial rotation.

Elastic Amplitud

Higher values make the selector oscillate farther when returning to the initial orientation.

Elastic Period

How many times, the selector will oscillate before resting.

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