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The Prize Wheel is composed of a set of Elements distributed along the wheel. They contain the content that is awarded if the element is selected, as well as the background.

Elements can't have different probabilities to favor the odds of some been selected more often than others. When they have different probabilities, the space they cover in the wheel will be proportional to their probability.

Although it can be set to ignore the probability  and distribute them uniformly, while still using this value for deciding which element get selected.


Reference to the Wheel Object. This object is rotated to spin the wheel.

Elements Spread

Angular space between Elements. Bigger values, increase the gap between elements.

Elements Offset

Distance between the element and the wheel center. Positive values push elements to the outside

Equal Distribution

When false, Elements with higher Probability will get a wider section of the wheel.

If true, Probability is used for deciding in which element the wheel should end after spinning, but all elements get the same size regardless of their probability.

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