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public class MiniGame_Reward : MonoBehaviour

This class represents a possible outcome of a MiniGame.

e.g. For a PrizeWheel, this are each of the elements distributed in the wheel

e.g. For a TreasureHunt, it is the rewards that are hidden inside the slots


float Probability

(Default: 1) How likely is this reward to be chosen

bool _AttachToCaller

(Default: true) When then selected, should it move into the slot or element's position

bool _EndGame

When selected, it stops the game. (e.g. Treasure Hunt, player is searching for the key, when found, the game stops)

UnityEventTreasureHunt _OnRewarded

Callback used for playing effects/sounds when the reward is selected

Public Methods

void Execute( MiniGame game, Transform parent )

When selected, shows the reward, stops the game if elected and runs effects and sounds by calling _OnRewarded

void Show ( Transform parent )

This is called when the reward is selected and is meant to initialize the reward and move it into the correct location

void Hide ()

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