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TreasureHunt is the MonoBehavior attached to the root of the Mini Game and implements the setup and initialization logic.


Reference to the Controller that will manage this game


Every child of this object should have the MiniGames_Reward component assigned. They will be the items hidden inside the slots.

Start On Enabled

If true, when the Object is enabled, it will start the Game Initialization.

NOTE: If a controller is used, it's recommended to use the controller._StartGameOnEnable instead of this one

On Start

Event to allow calling functions when the game is initialized (can be used to enable/disable objects and effects)


Root object of all Slots (i.e. the objects hiding the rewards, e.g. chests )

Initial Slots

Number of closed chest to be shown. If -1 (default) then all slots children of _Slot will be shown

Max Rewards Per Game

How many rewards are going to be selected if all slots get opened. (-1 means that all rewards will be shown)

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