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Mini games can be used anywhere a reward is given. Even when the reward item is already decided based on other game logic, the visuals of a "random" game increases the production of Dopamine which in turns makes receiving the reward more enjoyable.

Next are a few example of the different locations where Mini Games have been used to enhance the game experience.

Daily Bonus

It can be used in the Daily Bonus screen to give a random reward every day. Based on how many days in a row the player logs in, he can receive more spins and by that increase the number of rewards he gets.

As this become the static Daily bonus into a game, this screen can also be monetized by allowing the player to buy extra spins or watch a Video Ad for an extra round.

Decisions and Gifts

This game can also be used in the Gift Popup to reward a player for completing several levels in a row or for earning an achievement.


Life and energy system are common ways to make players stop playing and get used to return to your game once the energy is replenished.

Games like King of Thieves, have stepped out the normal approach by making this system into a mini game itself. During the game, you get keys that can then be used to open levels. Keys also regenerate over time.

The genius about this, is that players can open the level by using just one key and they will fill awesome, but it can take quite some keys to find the right entry, which will deplete the keys pool faster and enhance the chance for monetization. Nonetheless, as keys can be used faster, you can gift more as a reward when completing levels, so the player looses sight of keys as a constraint mechanism.

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