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This value drive the spinning effect.

Center On Element

If true, when the wheel stops it will stop in the center of a reward.

Rotate Selector

Either rotates the Selector or rotate the Wheel while keeping the selector fixed.

Rotation Min Cycles

Amount of times the wheel will do a full rotation before stopping.

Num_Rotations = Random( Min_Cycles, Max_Cycles )

Rotation Max Cycles

Rotation Min Time

How long will it take for the wheel to stop

Total_Spin_time = Random( Min_Time, Max_Time )

Rotation Max Time


When 0, the rotation will use a linear approach where it keeps a constant velocity. As this value gets higher, the rotation speed is slowly decreased until it stops. This creates an EasyOut effect.

Actually there is a fake small EasyIn, so the actual movement happens using an EasyInOut, where the In and Out have different weights.

On Start Spinning

Callback invoked when the wheel start spinning. Can be used for effects and triggering other custom game logic.

On Finish Spinning

Callback to spawn effects and sounds when the wheel stops

Time Collect Reward

How long to wait once the wheel stops  to show the reward. This can be used to wait for sounds or effects to finish.

Time New Round

How long to wait before allowing the wheel to be spun again

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