Quick Start

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All the games included in this plugin are already setup to work out of the box.

The example scene, has several configurations of each game, and they have been set to include the monetization flow. Although there are also examples that don't require a controller and are meant to show the basic features of each game.

To simplify the integration of the games into your scenes, there are prefabs with all the settings that can be drag and drop directly into your menus. These are located at Assets \ I2 \ MiniGames \ Prefabs.

Each of the prefabs come in two versions one for NGUI and one for the Unity UI.


Once the prefabs are dropped into your menus, modify the Controller (ConsumeCurrency) to call the script in your game that handles the currency. Also change the Buy's OnClick callback on the Buy Currency PopUp to start the purchase using your store management functions.

You can also expand the hierarchy and modify colors, textures and rewards to match your game aesthetics and functionality.

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