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All games included in this plugin implement their specific play and simulation features. From spinning a wheel and getting callbacks to the resulting rewards, down to how each of the elements are distributed on startup. There are even prefabs already setup and ready to used as provided.

However, to simplify integration with your game, a controller is provided.

It implements the flow and monetization logic by providing some free plays and then allowing to pay for extra chances.

When there is no enough currency to do a purchase, it will automatically open a pop-up with the option to buy some currency and resumes the game based on the purchase result.

Free Rounds

Purchasable Rounds

Buy Currency Popup

The controller also provides callbacks to control each of the states. From the initial setup, when there are free chances available, only purchasable retries, whenever a chance it's used, or when the game is over.

At each of this states, the player it's able to call functions and enable/disable objects to correctly represent the given state and integrate custom sounds and effects.

Furthermore, the controller has customizable texts showing the remaining free chances and when there is no free options available, it computes the cost of a new chance based on an initial value and increases the cost by a given amount every time the player purchases.

cost = InitialCost + ExtraCost * NumPurchases

All mini games use the same controller, which makes really easy replacing mini games for testing and for randomizing the game presented to the player without altering the menu flow.

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