I2 SmartEdge

Pixel Perfect Animated Styles for your TEXT and IMAGES

SmartEdge is the perfect Unity plugin for rendering, transforming and animating your UI. Using the power of MSDF textures, it allows rendering pixel perfect texts and images at any resolution, while still preserving sharp edges and corners.

What can it do?

SmartEdge its like having a Photoshop inside Unity... that can also do animations...and deformations
....all fully dynamic!
And for those without art skills, it comes with lots of render and animations presets ready to use in your games!

How fast is it?

It has a Material Manager that automatically finds the right shader for you and batches as much as possible
... even different effects.
Also... It is a great friend of the Garbage Collector, so it makes 0 allocations!

Try it yourself

This is a demo of the examples included with the plugin

Unity WebGL Player | I2 SmartEdge

I2 SmartEdge

Want to see more?

Check the documentation to learn how SmartEdge can help you build great games.
There are great examples you could find useful and even tips on how to make the game faster while looking better!