The full plugin is installed at Assets / I2 / Localization

With the following structure:

  • Editor                                : The scripts to create the Custom Editors and the needed third party DLLs
    • DB                        : Scripts used to Import/Export and manage the terms data
    • Inspector                : Code for the Custom Inspectors
    • Localization                : Custom Inspector use this scripts for sharing controls and GUI elements
  • Scripts                        : These are the scripts that are executed when in Play mode
    • Targets                : Each localization target (NGUI, Unity Standard, DFGUI, uGUI, 2D-ToolKit)
  • Resources                        : Needed assets for running the game (Main Language Source and its languages)
  • Examples
    • Common                : Shared data and Scripts
    • DFGUI                : Example scene and assets for DFGUI
    • NGUI                        : Example scenes and assets for NGUI
    • 2DToolKit                : Example scene for 2D-ToolKit
    • Unity Standard        : Examples for components included in the default unity (Audio, Animation, Prefab, TextMesh, etc)

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